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Job Type

Full Time


Dallas, TX and/or various client sites throughout the U.S. Must be willing to travel and/or relocate.

About the Role

Develop customer access web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOJO, React JS, and AngularJS for commercial application. Use controlled version tools like SVN and GIT to maintain source code repository. Perform design and development of responsive web applications for desktop, mobile and tablets. Set up Angular JS and React JS frameworks for frontend application development. Use NPM (Node Package Manager) and MobX libraries to implement modern web and mobile application screens. Develop Restful Web services applications and integrate with front end applications. Follow agile software development, practice paired programming-driven development, Test Driven Development (TDD), and agile scrum methodology. Work with continuous integration, development, and deployment tools like Jenkins or Bamboo. Perform unit testing of the software modules using the Karma and Jasmine JavaScript frameworks.

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